Miss Nevada Latest Casualty in Miss USA Morality Witch Hunt

Flash your thong, lose your sash. Miss Nevada just got her ass tossed for acting spicy.

The latest scandal involving the Miss USA pageant centers around Miss Nevada Katie Rees.

Nude photos of Rees have popped up on Canada.com feature Rees baring her breasts, posing in very sexual positions, kissing other women, and pulling down her pants to show her thong panties (so 2001).

Whoo-hoo! Party! Someone pass Katie some beads, she earned em’. This is only going to add to Trump’s daily press boner, which is getting more tumnescent with every bit of ink, video footage, and bandwith he or one of his projects gets. God, I just talked about Donald Trump’s pin. I need help.

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Miss Nevada Deposed [Bumpshack]

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