Miss Nevada Gone Wild Wasn’t a One-Time Deal

TMZ reports that the former Miss Nevada’s claim that she only acted out once on film was somewhat of a miscalculation on her part.

Look what we found! Katie Rees, former Miss Nevada, was up to her old tricks … this time at Tia’s Mexican Restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

The revealing picture was taken in June, 2004 and has been posted on a website since June 30, 2004. You’ll recall, of course, other revealing photos of Katie were taken at Fletcher’s Backstreet Grill in Tampa that same year.

Last week, Katie’s lawyer said the photos taken at Fletcher’s “was an isolated incident.” Maybe not so isolated.

For those of you who are unable to follow the link, the picture is of Ms. Rees sampling her friend’s boob orally. This poor girl. Who among us hasn’t sucked the nipples of a friend while drunk and had it filmed for posterity? Hands? Anyone? *crickets chirping* Katie and I are the only ones? Prudes. Then again, knowing I had done this – I probably wouldn’t have raced to be Miss USA unless I was able to destroy hard drives and murder every witness involved. I’m just saying…

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