Mischa Barton’s In An Unfortunate Spot

January 9th, 2006 // 21 Comments

Oh dear, white stretch pants without a tampon. At least we know she’s not pregnant with Cisco Adler‘s child! Although, Cisco may want to keep his eye on Mischa. She’s the star of James Blunt‘s video, and the two have become close.

Barton has become chummy with Brit popster James Blunt, after shooting the video for his new single, “Goodbye My Lover,” in Los Angeles.

They dined together at New York’s exclusive Nobu before Christmas. And at a “secret show” in London last month, one witness said, “He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he talked to fans about her.”

“At least I got her number,” Blunt told the small group. “I have Elton John’s number in my phone, too, but I promise I’m not sleeping with him.”

Tracking Mischa’s matchups [Gatecrasher]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bestdress

    Welcome Back!
    Oh that is just nasty and gross! Just walking around in white with blood on you. Oh I love celebrities! lol

  2. that girl

    who wears white when they are on the rag?

  3. drmrs.

    i don’t what’s more gross, her stained white pants or the fact that an old guy like james blunt has the hots for this 19 year old GIRL.

  4. ali

    That is really nasty.

  5. CareKate

    An accident like that gives nightmares to junior high school girls everywhere! Bad enough that it happens, but can you imagine if your little trouble spot was captured by papparazzi to be viewed and poked fun at on gossip blogs such as this?

  6. mariootsa

    sweet lord in heaven!! honestly, HOW can you wear white while on your period? beyond stupid!

  7. Bay Girl

    we at work think due to the fact she probably starves herself – having a period is a most unlikely event!

    as the brownies say – always be prepared!

  8. doofus

    as most of you have said, who even takes the CHANCE during their period and wears white?

    at least wear a pad so that if your plug fails, you don’t leak out for everyone to see!

  9. frederick

    If its not me who gets Mischa, then please let it be Mr. Blunt and not that ape called Adler.

  10. JaneGP

    I don’t know. If she sprung a leak, wouldn’t it be a little bit more placed near the CENTER of crotch (as well as on her ass) as opposed to what looks to me like a little nose-blood spatter from all that candy she and her peers are so into. With just two little drops of blood in her lap, that just doesn’t look like a typical tampon-mishap at all. It still doesn’t excuse her little ass for wearing that hideous, hip-bone baring white getup though!

  11. meme

    I disagree JaneGP. Unfortunately i have had that happen to me—not on white pants though–and it looked exactly like that…i dont know how but it did.

    It must suck to have that happen and then have it caught on tape but who wants to see that. UK! seriously.

  12. alicia

    that’s not her period! would somebody do a close up on the yellow bag she is holding…she has something in there that dripped on her clothes and it’s sticking to the insides of teh yellow bag….

  13. MJ

    There is no way that whatever is in that bag got in her crotch like that, I’m sorry. She definately had an accident.

  14. Brit

    White pants + menstration = no good. dur.

  15. TooObservant

    Yeah, it’s def her period and not a drip from the bag cuz it looks like there’s a 2nd spot further up between her legs….

  16. that girl

    the yellow bag isn’t stuck in her pants. she’s holding it in her hand and the bottom of her bag is right there.

  17. crotchtastic

    Why can’t everyone just accept that its period blood and get over it!

    First its the bag, then its her nose, then its ketchup. Its THE RAG!

  18. MarilynBo

    Just out of curiosity, but what is that big red circle on her T-shirt??

    is she bleeding from her breasts too???

  19. mwee

    yeh i agree… poor girl.. but there is that stain on her t,shirt to??

  20. cruz

    omg it probably happens to ppl everyday we just dun c it or hear bout it…. n now its just mischa’s turn, dun get me wrong im not defending her coz shes a shit actress. just my oppinion.

  21. haha

    Haha, the *stain* on the tshirt is from the tee, it should look like soo..

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