Mischa Barton’s A Vision In White

November 15th, 2005 // 7 Comments

I am pleading to the young starlets and those who model themselves after young starlets. I’m sick of seeing boots paired with every damn thing. To borrow a phrase from another website: “Barfugly”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mutterhals

    hahhahahhhaaaahhhhhaahaahhahhahah!!!! Proof positive that money cannot buy you a clue. BwaahaaahaaaaaaHaaaaaa

  2. Carrie Bradshaw

    Ew what does she see in that ugly thing? I’m referring to her boyfriend Cisco although the boots are running a close second.

  3. Damn, I used to dress like that in the early ’70′s! Except for the boots. And I didn’t look that good.

    Oh well….

  4. Katie

    I thought that becoming famous gave you access to fabulous clothes and hot men.. did Mischa Barton not get the memo, or is she still in some kind of rebellious stage?

  5. DaMuffinMastaStrikesBack

    I think the bigger problem is the fact that Adler doesn’t have any underwear on in the picture, and is exposing even more of himself than the world would like to see

  6. King Smart Ian

    Looks like she prefers to shop at stores that don’t actually have anything to sell

  7. Focusedactress



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