Mischa Barton’s Actually Looking Hot

July 21st, 2005 // 32 Comments

Mischa gives the mens a sexy spread.

(Image via Giant Magazine)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kat

    I’m assuming by hot, we’re talking temperature? Cause I’m still seeing Cocker Spaniel when I look at that picture.

  2. ashley

    Doesn’t her head look WAY to big for her body. It’s huge! Or she’s just extremely skinny with a big head.

  3. wowza

    it looks like her leg has been airbrushed

  4. doofus

    yes, she is one of the “lollypop guild”…other members include Lara Flynn Boyle.


    and yes, it is a supremely airbrushed picture. there was a link on this site in the past that was a photographer’s page. it had before and after-airbrushing pics of a LOT of celebs.

    none of them EVER look as good as they do in mags because they change SO much about the person’s face and body. I mean, they’ll even lighten a person’s skin to make them look “more white” or whatever. I saw some “after” pics that almost didn’t look like the celeb. so, whenever you see a pic of someone that looks surprisingly good, know that it’s probably airbrushed/photoshopped to the extreme.

    the only exception I’ve seen to this rule is Angelina Jolie…that woman looks fantastic even with no make up and frumpy clothes.

  5. get wheel

    Can we say “skank?” Good point there, Kat! She looks like Lady, but acts more like Tramp.

  6. ViVi

    I think she looks hot, and you all are just jealous.

  7. ella

    The only reason the picture “looks hot” is because it doesn’t show her shoes. And if it did, I would hope she would stick them right up ViVi’s ass.

  8. It might just be me but I can’t look at pictures of Mischa’s crazy no-definition stilty pin legs.

  9. doofus

    get over it ViVi.

    it has nothing to do with jealousy.

    I’d much rather be my curvy boobalicious self than a twig that has a body like a little boy.

  10. sophie

    Her face is greasy. Yuck, too much make-up.

  11. ..

    Nope her head is not too big she’s 5`10″ (said so herself in some mag). She has nice eyes and uh yeah.

  12. blahface

    I usually think she looks pretty frumpy in pictures, and maybe she is airbrushed to the max in this one, but i still think she looks hot. Her make up looks dramatic and it matches the look of her outfit. She is sexy without being too skanky…there is nothing wrong with a little cleavage!

  13. dgfadg

    You have the most bizarre taste in females ever. Or are you just being a parody of yourself? First you criticize the stunning Williams sisters, and then you praise what I think is a rather unflattering photo of Mischa. Let me guess: you like ‘em skinny and submissive, right? Brains and strength are SUCH a turnoff.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think MB is unattractive… I actually think she’s quite pretty. But I’m not a fan of this particular photo because it’s overdone, giving her that sunken-cheekbone, too-much-makeup, anorexic/coke chic look. She looks much more beautiful when she’s natural. Wasn’t she in a Noxema ad or something? If memory serves, I liked that.

  14. Trisha

    Mischa Barton is a very beautiful girl…a little on the skinny side, but beautiful none the less. The Williams Sisters? Not very beautiful…pretty maaayyybbbbbeeee, but certainly not beautiful.

  15. Jerrod

    Oh yes, ViVi, I am just sooooo jealous of Ms. Barton. If only I had zero boobs, no rear end, no muscle definition. I wish I were as flat as a pancake. I am sooooooo jealous!!!!
    Give Me a freakin break you loser!
    It looks to me as if her arms were airbrushed to make her arms look FULLER.

  16. ineed2pp

    WHoa.. i thought it said “Mischa Barton’s Actually a Giant”

    dang.. i was hoping for more entertainment.

  17. Mariana

    Oh, boy. She looks strung out, poor thing.

  18. I’m not impressed, either. Change the hair, take away the boobs — and you have a skinny-looking boy.

  19. Kate

    She’s a pretty girl, but way overrated. I have to say to djfadg, though–why do you automatically assume that pretty girls aren’t smart, or that non-traditional beauties are? I agree that the Williams sisters are a much healthier standard of beauty, but have you ever heard them talk? Dumb jocks is a pretty accurate assessment. Mischa may not be an Einstein either, but its unfair to assume that she’s submissive or stupid. You think you’re bucking stereotypes by insisting the Williams sisters are the paragon of womanhood? You’re just as brainwashed as the rest of us.

  20. that's cause

    That’s ’cause she 5`10″ the fat in your body is more spread out or whatever the word is. If she was 5`0″ she would be a fatass. Oh and she slouches quite a bit too.

  21. PK

    Check this out for more Mischa: http://www.keds.com/mischabarton/

  22. Linds

    omg vivi i couldn’t agree with you more. it’s pathetic to read all these comments b/c they’re just lashing out at a beautiful girl b/c she’s made it a lot farther than any other person here. here’s a thought..why don’t you spend more time worrying about yourself then how pretty or “ugly” other people look!? yeah, shove that one up your ass. and to those who said she’s “flat as a pancake”..what the hell do you see on her chest!?? if you think that’s nothing, than you’re obviously someone who wants to have a breast reduction someday..good luck with that.
    i’m out. good luck with all your problems and may you always have someone shoving your so called “flaws” in your face.

  23. All you guys suck ass

    You guys are so stupid! She looks beautful! Me being a girl envies her and her body! You guys should all go homeand play with yourself cause all you boys are obviously either gay or bi. Girls go F yourselfs!

  24. she looks hot. girls say mean things about her coz they are jealous. she famous pretty and has heaps of money.shes heaps lucky

  25. melis

    misha is perfect. pretty and hot there is anything else to say about her….

  26. amelia

    Misha Barton is soo pretty! Shes also an amazing actor!! THE O.C ROCKS!!!!!!!

  27. steph

    I am worried about her. She looks pretty in her own way, but that poor girl looks like she’s seriously suffering from some sort of eating disorder.

  28. Candice

    omg!!! what the hell is wrong with you people!!!!! like you are all jelous of her!!! because she is anactor and she is beautifulllll!! so shut the hell up! and whatare u goin to proove even if youi say that hs eis gross?? what is that supposed to make her less of a person???shes famous she can do what she wants… like grow up…its not hert fault that shes more talented and pretty than you.

  29. Tam_Babes

    Mischa is a gorgeous girl.. She has alot of talent and has made so much for herself at 19 years old! I say good luck to her

  30. Megan

    everyone just get over urselves.. mischa is hot shit and you all know it.. and if u think your all so much better then put a pick of urself on the net and see what people have to say about you!

  31. nat

    you are all so pertheticlly jelous
    get over yourselves shes stunning
    and shes hot all the time
    shes so stunning and is great actress i wouldnt mind being her

  32. NA

    Your all a bunch of idiots, Misha is fucking hot!
    Shes so cute and she has a nice body and has style, all you bitches are jealous, I know youll just deny this fact and say something like “I dont want to to skinni id rather have curves” but misha does have curves but shes fit. Fuck all you fat jealous bitches that are “volomptuous”

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