Mischa Barton Rushed To The Hospital

Mischa Barton got taken to the hospital last night. She had an adverse reaction to some medication.

Sources tell TMZ that the former “OC” star was at a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ enjoying a few holiday cocktails when she began to feel extremely ill. Mischa, who has been quite sick with bronchitis since traveling to Cannes, London and Paris the past several weeks, apparently didn’t get the memo — you can’t drink alcohol while taking antibiotics!

The 21-year-old celeb was rushed to an undisclosed medical facility in Los Angeles, where we are told she is “resting comfortably.”

Oh please, TMZ. Pills are made to be mixed with booze. I do it all the time. If you have the flu – you get the “Z” pack and drink through that shit. It’s alcohol, it disinfects! Please note that Mischa was photographed before her collapse out shopping with rehab mystery Nicole Richie. Nicole probably sucked the lifeforce out of her to sustain her energy vampire existence and it sent Mischa to the hospital.