Mischa Barton Quotes Of The Day

May 24th, 2006 // 9 Comments

“Well, I was really excited that I get to die, to be honest,” the 20-year-old actress tells Newsweek magazine in an interview. “I’ve done pretty much everything else with the character. It was better than one of those lame farewells.”

And for the kicker.

“I was also thinking of spending a month in London, living there and taking a course in acting,” she says. “Sometimes it’s nice to go back to your roots.”

Barton Happy She Was Killed Off on ‘O.C.’ [1010 Wins]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    What kind of dog does she have? He is so cute. Her character has been through a lot. It doesn’t really matter though, because Mischa lacks talent. She is pretty, but all I can see her doing in the future is competing with Tracey Gold for lifetime movies. We will see.

  2. RunawayPoster

    Hey Tia, I’m glad she realizes she could stand a few acting classes! She should plan a year in London, not a month.

  3. LT

    Is it just me, or does she have a weird body shape, especially in the third photo along the bottom? For as skinny as she is, she’s definitely got some hips on her. She needs some boobs and some upper body toning to even those babies out! Or maybe it’s that those “skinny jeans” aren’t really doing her justice.
    And bravo to RunawayPoster- I’ve always thought she was the weak link in that show- terrible acting skills. Anyone can read their lines.

  4. cindy

    She looks like a boney mess of a girl. She looks like a giraffe. Oh, lets not forget that she dated Brandon “Douch Bag” Davis for a year. We all know what that makes her. A self-loathing, sorry excuse for a female.

    That quote is priceless. Her roots, ha!!! Those roots are as deep a the shallow end of a kiddie pool.

  5. Artemisia



    Excuse me, she was born in London, but arrived in New York as a…………….TODDLER!!

    Yes, her mother is British..but come on!!

    Pretentious, talentless sick!!

    I too was born in London..and came to Canada as a toddler..I too have dual citizenship..but I do not consider when going to London that I am going back to my roots!!

    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0059215/bio for Misha

  6. Dr. Doom

    Not hips, SADDLEBAGS, she’s got her some saddlebags! Maybe she’ll get some liposuction as well as gettin back to her “roots.”

  7. suckafree3

    Mischa is about as ugly as LT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

  8. Mariana

    Love the bone structure, hate the vapidity.

  9. Olivera Pavlovic


    PLZ SIGN THE PETTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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