Mischa Barton Parked Under The Influence

This girl just does not care. Mischa Barton puffs on a joint in a convertible, ignoring the reason most celebrities have tinted windows.

She was spotted driving erratically around town for hours while on her cell and making obscene hand gestures at motorists. So she eased the tension the only way she new how and lit up. We can’t say the recipient of a DUI hasn’t learned anything though.  She pulled over and parallel parked first. Then she and a male friend went for some muncy lunch at Joans’ on Third.

This isn’t the first time Barton has been spotted with a little wacky tobaccy, but I thought she was on the road to keeping things clean. I should have let go of that dream when a hairbrush seemed too overwhelming.

Barton went into rehab after her 2007 DUI and in 2009 she went to the psych ward at Cedar’s-Sinai medical center in LA where she was reportedly also coached on sobriety. No clue what this meltdown is going to bring…