Mischa Barton Is Like All Smart And Stuff

March 8th, 2007 // 10 Comments

According the former star of The O.C., it’s like Masterpiece Theatre up in her joint almost every night.

“I actually spend my evenings with a good book. DOSTOEVSKY and JOHN STEINBECK are my favourite authors and I’m currently reading PAULO COELHO’s THE ALCHEMIST.”

Folks, allow me to introduce you to the new Sharon “I’m in Mensa!” Stone. Barton also downplayed her acquaintances with those other famous starlets better known for their hard partying, than their literary pursuits.

She explains, “I’m always being associated with the other girls, but we’re not in the same crowd and it seems strange that just because we’re all young actresses, people should lump us together. “I have only met Paris once, and that was in passing. That said, it’s true that I am friendly with NICOLE RICHIE, and I also know her father LIONEL. But you know people see young celebrities at the same parties and assume that we all know each other.”

Still, I have yet to hear a good explanation for the boyfriend with the stretched-out genitalia. Unless he’s just so overflowing with brains, that THAT is where God chose for his body to house the extra grey matter.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jennyo

    Everytime I see her now, all I see is Cisco Adler’s balls hanging from her earlobes.

  2. pizda

    YUP, she is real smart, letting her kid sister do meth/ectasy. How about reading a book about those. Stupid bitch!

  3. Julie

    I’m brazilian and Paulo Coelho is a complete ripoff. No one likes him here and reading anything by him is a one-way ticket to Dumbville. It’s like supermodels who want to prove they are smart by reading Exupéry.

    Try again Mischa…

  4. K

    paris hilton was on an episode of the oc…so i doubt they only met once in passing.

  5. lambman

    She has said time and time again that she’s not friends with Paris or Lindsay…perhaps people should believe her at this point.

    Also, she looks great in that dress

  6. Fabiola Thing

    two words:

  7. Ace

    mischa’s not smart. I read the alchemist when I was 11. 11!!! She should have already read that book by now.

  8. Unknown

    You know how Paris Hilton always goes on about how sweet she is? And now this dumbass is trying to tell everyone how smart she is? Well, I say, if you have to tell everybody how sweet, or smart (or whatever) you are, then you must not really be whatever it is you are trying to get them to think you really are!

  9. Didn’t he dump her a few days ago?


  10. Heli

    Shame on you people, talking bad about her allthough she´s going through some very hard times right now..

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