Mischa Barton, Her Boyfriend And The Bondage Boutique.

Things are heating up for Mischa Barton and her relatively new boyfriend DJ Ali Love. Barton was spotted on August 7, 2010 leaving the erotic bondage boutique Coco le Mer in Soho, London with goodies and then spotted there again the next day. TWO days in a row?
What possible need is there for a second trip to a sex shop within 48 hours? Whoops, forgot the nipple clamps? Unless she was returning faulty goods, which is kind of an unpleasant thought. Hmmm, wonder what their return policy is…

Anyway, since meeting at the beginning of the summer, the O.C. star and the D.J. have been inseparable and apparently Barton has decided to move to London on a permanent basis to be closer to the 28-year-old Brit. According to a ‘friend’, Mischa is altering her career plans to better suit her new relationship.

‘Instead of Hollywood gigs, Mischa’s focusing on a stage career in the West End.’

‘She wants to spend a year in London and see where things go with both the theatre and Ali. She’s so happy to be starting afresh. She’s so in love!’

In love with DJ Love – how poignant. According to the Daily Mail, the DJ’s real name is Alexander McLovan. Yes, McLovan. Why he would change his name from the greatest-name-of-all-time to Love is anyone’s guess.