Mischa Barton For BeBe

April 17th, 2006 // 13 Comments

Mischa sexes things up for this BeBe photo shoot. The O.C star actually looks kind of edgy in these photos. Well, edgy with her typical vacant look.

(Thanks to JC for the photos.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. citykitty

    Jay Manuel taught her the edgy slouch very well.

    Congratulations, Mischa. You’re still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model.

  2. Emily

    OK, I am all for women looking their best, keeping in shape, maintaining an active lifestyle and eating well, but this body IS NOT NORMAL.

    I know beauty sells, so I don’t blame BeBe for choosing this crazy waif for their ads, they are just another business, after all. But JESUS, does anyone else see the weirdness of having someone so obviously unhealthy advertise clothing for young girls, or in this case, young ho’s in training?

    How about that hot tennis player? Maria Sharapovia or whatever, now that body is HOT!

  3. Jo

    How is that vacant look sexy? There is something off in these images.

  4. John boy

    I really like the photo’s.

    Umm we don’t have that label around here.. So I’ve got no idea what the clothes are like. or what it’s all about.

    But Mischa looks stunning.. The shots are great.. Her make-up looks fantastic….

    Yeah. each to their own I guess..

    But I think it’s great. I love it.

  5. d.c.

    night of the living dead dominatrix is getting uglier by the day.. She left pretty a Loooong time ago.

  6. alexis

    her legs never look that good in candid photos. her thighs are always disproportionate to her body and her knees always look weird.
    serious airbrushing.

  7. I’m getting totally sick of Mischa Barton.

  8. Silasdog

    She looks plastic, just like her acting – dead. I honestly don’t get it with her. I mean, is it live, or Memorex?

  9. Ruins

    There once was a time when Bebe actually *was* edgy but that is NOT edgy that’s just plain dull.

  10. tess

    She looks like a dead person in those pics…

  11. Steph

    I’m actually not a fan of Mischa Barton, but I do think that she’s not anorexic skinny, just naturally skinny, albeit with absolutely no muscle tone.

    Maybe it’s hard for many Americans to comprehend, but in many parts of the world, and even some parts of the U.S.(gasp!), pple tend naturally towards skinny. No starvation required! Imagine that.

  12. alyah

    Urgh…….that is the ugliest ad i’ve ever seen! Anyone who think’s that bitch is good looking muz be crazy…no, fucking crazy…all parents shld blame her for their teenage daughters’ unhealthy eating habits or anything unhealthy at all!

  13. sweet

    I agree with 11. Steph. I do believe Mischa Barton is just naturally skinny or willowy. And truly, she isn’t anorexic skinny. I really don’t think she starves herself. I am naturally skinny, as well. But I am actually much skinnier than her and I am such a major fan of fries, chocolate, and ice cream ^_^. There are a lot more people that are naturally skinny than most people think. I know quite a few. And no, they are not stuck up and obnoxious and/or depressed, or whatever people label all skinny girls. I do think she is gorgeous and that she is a sweet, nice, and a caring person overall. And she does have talent people. She has a pretty impressive and extensive filmography and theatrical resume. And she is not the party person many people may label her to be. She rarely parties–like only once a month. I think she is just trying to live her life, but many people are always spreading rumors about her. Let her be herself and everyone will find out that she is not only a beautiful person outside, but inside as well. She is also still young and trying to find herself, so do give her a break. I am the same age as her and I am still growing up and finding myself, just like a lot of people our age. And also, if you don’t like the person she is dating, well it isn’t any of our business. She just sees something in that particular person that some of us may not see, because we don’t know that person she is dating. And perhaps if that person isn’t good for her, then perhaps she could change him for the better. But really, I truly do think she is a sweet, smart, deep, and talented individual. I just really think she hasn’t done anything so disgraceful to cause so many people to loathe her. I don’t think she is a very troubled Paris Hilton. She is just her sweet self. ^_^

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