Mischa Barton Dresses Up For Cannes

May 22nd, 2007 // 8 Comments

This is what Mischa Barton wore to the “A Mighty Heart” premiere. A bit over the top perhaps? The dress is pretty, but what was she thinking with the makeup and the hair? A little too “Bride of Frankenstein” for me.


By Jessica Marx

  1. I think she looks lovely although her breasts appear ready to spring free at any moment. The thing about Mischa….I will never understand HOW IN THE HECK she could date Cisco Adler and that oil heir Brandon “greasy bear” what’s his name?

  2. Charlotte

    That dress is awful. It reminds me of that famous TV and film move where an actress gets out of bed and wraps the bedsheet around her as she goes to confront her lover about something in the other room. Who does that, in real life? If you’re naked when you wake up, put some clothes or a robe on. It’s not that hard. What’s hard is having to re-make the bed because you just pulled the whole sheet off it to wear as a toga into the next room.

  3. mel

    Actually, I think she looks pretty with the hair & make-up. I didn’t recognize her at first.

  4. The dress is great & I dig the hair.

    Reminds me of the summers I spent in Newport during my youth.


  5. I think Misch looks really nice. I also think Cisco Adler is kinda cute in his own way. He seems cool and down to earth, and appeared to be really devoted to Mischa. They seemed truley in love. It’s a shame people tear couples apart like that when they don’t even know them or their feelings for one another.

  6. Pixiepower

    Considering how average her body is and how off the rack she always looks I give her a two thumbs up. Fun hair, great makeup, but to me, the dress can go. I’m in a cold sweat worrying about her biznass falling out there…..

  7. echoroc

    i think i saw her on the corner in key west peddling herself to the undercover cops. no joke. i overheard something about some “crystal”?? i dunno.

  8. joan durtz

    She is a nerdy dork!

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