Mischa Barton Calls Paris Hilton A Silly Bitch

February 22nd, 2006 // 31 Comments

Mmm. We seem to have suddenly gained a certain fondness for the vapid Mischa Barton. The star of The O.C. puts to bed the rumors of a feud between herself and Paris Hilton, stating that the whole thing is made up.

She stormed: “Paris isn’t my rival. I met her one or two times and she’s making out there’s this big rivalry between us and there so isn’t.” She added: “She seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful. Silly b***h.”

Mischa – who angered Paris when she started romancing Cisco Adler, the ex of Paris’ friend Kimberly Stewart – also slammed the party girl for pretending she doesn’t steal men. She is quoted by Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: “She does steal other people’s boyfriends!”

Paris doesn’t steal men, she devours and emasculates men.

Mischa Barton slams “b***h” Paris [Female First]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    wow, kelly osbourne actually looks pretty decent in that picture.

    I never disliked Barton, but I did think she was kind of wishy-washy…she doesn’t really stand out as an actress.

    But any hater of Paris is a friend o’mine!

  2. Hopeless

    Please…Mischa Barton thinks she is more successful than Paris…more talented (Barely) but more successful I don’t think so…

  3. Dr. tia

    I love Mischa !!

  4. Emily

    Mishas alright…her bf is hella ugly tho.

  5. dior_chick83

    well put by mischa… mischa is famous for acting in movies and commercials with her clothes on. paris is famous for how she can deep throat, and that broken nose thing she has going on.

  6. nevermind

    Success can be measured by what is apparent as on-going and longstanding, something that is a building block to a career. Mischa is right! Does Paris have a career that is successful, that is one that has measurable results of hard work? HELL NO. She floats between being an “actor”, “singer”, “model”…blah blah blah. Nikki Hilton is far more successful with her clothing line. Nikki at least shows substance. I love the fact that Mischa was very frank and blunt, pointing out the faults of Paris clearly.

  7. d.c.

    Paris isn’t too popular with Lloyd Grove either.

  8. Silasdog

    Mischa is a 3rd rate actress, typical of what passes for talent these days.

  9. susiesneds

    “Men” can’t be STOLEN away unless they want to…period.

  10. Small Fry

    I can’t believe this comes from the tampon leaking Keds peddler. These girls should shut their pie holes on the subject of one another. They all suck and don’t deserve a fraction of what they have.

  11. T.F.

    Mischa Barton is a silly bitch not Paris Hilton..

  12. T.F.

    Paris Hilton is the most beautiful woman on earth…But some People around her will destroy her live…thats not ok…I think Mischa Barton is envious of Paris…

  13. Cynthia

    Paris IS the most beautiful woman on earth! I LOVE her! She is so smart! Wonderful personality! There may be many imitator Paris wannabes out there, but thankfully only one Paris! Nobody else has that wonderful half closed eye, the hook nose, the anorexic orange skinned body or the huge feet! Isn’t she wonderful?

  14. T.F.

    Yes she is…but i didnt find that she is anorexic and her nose is sweet and her lips too…and what intressed me the feet when the person looks nice…why does everybody nag about her…and didnt see the good people in Paris…what are your Problems with her…Paris is a good woman…And i love her real

  15. jodroc

    Mischa should watch a few Beverley Hills 90210 re-runs to realise that her success will be more than likely to be short lived.

    She will be lucky to pop up on a few straight to TV telemovies in 2011.

    Does it say something for Ms Hilton’s charisma that she is more famous for doing less? If Paris can get some good sound bites out – she could be the Mae West of this time. At least she is in on the joke.

  16. Cynthia

    What T.F.? WTF? Intressed?!? Obviously another illiterate twelve year old Paris fan…..
    I have tried for a long time to find something–anything–good about P. Hilton. Sorry, it is an impossible feat.

  17. T.F.

    In what intressed Cynthia??? I mean you are a woman, but iam a man and it gives many good things on Paris, she is privat a other person as in the media…I think…and she have a lot of charisma…and i didnt must try to find something—anything—good about her…because i know it…

  18. doofus

    well, TF…here are somethings that might change your mind about what a great person she is.

    she’s a bigot. on more than one occasion, she’s been heard to use the N-word, and has made slurs against hispanics and jewish people.

    she’s DUMB as a post. goes shopping and then has to ask people in the store WHAT STORE SHE’S IN. Doesn’t know that London is in the UK. Doesn’t know that they speak other languages besides French in Europe.

    she pees in the back of cabs.

    she lost her dog. and it was a dog that would be HARD to “lose”. you know, the one that never walks around by itself and is always being carried? HOW in god’s name did it manage to escape? she must be the worst pet owner EVER.

    she rarely wears underwear and then shows everyone her coochie as she gets out of her car or dances in some club.

    she made up a story about that heiress to make her look bad and herself good. she will resort to anything to give herself good publicity.

    and she’s not so nice…if think for one minute that she wouldn’t have her security beat you senseless if you approached her, I have a bridge to sell you.

    the woman is a talentless whoring waste-of-space.

    the world would be better off without her.

    please, tell us, what makes her (as YOU say) a “good woman”.

  19. T.F.

    i never change my mind about her…and i fuck off that what the media say…the media says over a lot of poeple bad things…and stupid guys like you reckon that…i think all people who talks bad about her, are enviously people…because she is having a good live…

    this with the hispanics and jewish people i never heared before…so to this i cant nothing say…but is it so is it not ok because all people are the same…but i didnt believe it, that she had say this…

    Dumb as a post? i didnt understand this!!!
    If i have money i go shopping too…she make this every day because she have money…its ok money is for that…if i go shopping i go in many shops and i dont look of the name of the shop…whats the problem? i think she know that london is in the uk!!! and also taht paris is in france and paris the CITY OF LOVE is…i know that she knows that in europe not only french speaking is because the was in germany and i think she knows that people who lives in germany speaks german…and people who live in spain speaks spain,,,This woman is 25 years old..and a thousand times wiser then you and other girls…

    Oh My God!!! she pees of the back of cabs…do you know that 100% that this true is??? or is it a media joke??? rather of the back of the cab as you in your bed if you are full drunken!!! These things happen…i think its humanly…and she didnt must feel ashamed for that if this is true…i think this dog is very easy to lose because he is very little…
    if you have a cat what runs over astreet and then comes a car and drive over it…the cat is dead then will you be too a bad pet owner…

    did you ever read the heiress book…no? i yes…and its very nice with beautiful pictures about her and her family…

    she didnt will give herself good publicity…but she fights against that what the media says…its hard to show people who believe in that was the media says and who always think bad about a people….she is alone…the media is over the world…if you will be famous and all talk bad about you and nobody like you…who will you get famous…it doesnt go because nobody helps you…or other…you make music…and this music is good…but all people says your music is bad because the media say that…and if they hear your name…nobody comes to your party because you have a bad image…what will you do??? you fight against taht what other people say…who will destroy your live…hope you understand!!!

    Security is very importan bcause it gives many bad people in this world…and the will kidnap her or other things..to press money…

    i think you are happy about when a woman comes to you and says to you: hey man grip me under my skirt…i like that…and then you notice the woman didnt wear underwear…what will you? do you say to her: eh you are a stupid girl you didnt wear underwear!! i didnt think that you say that, i think you will be very about that…and you will be horny as never before…

    And she is very nice because i have very much photos of her…and about flavour…That’s open to dispute… i like her you not!!! maybe you like other girls who i find that they are not nice…flavour is different…She is no waste of space…brcause she have talent to modeling, to play act, for singing i dont know…but i think yes…and the striptease scene in her film house of wax is very erotic…i only look this striptease scene because i didnt want see her die…

    And if the world is be about Paris Whitney Hilton
    the world is lose a big sweet shining light…What looks happy every day…and the world need this shining lights because without the world is dark…

    But one thing she must change…and that is that she must look to a good man who likes her truly much…

    Paris is good Woman…typed by TF.

  20. doofus

    so, it’s ok with tf that hilton is a drugged out, racist, stupid hose-bag. I could show this guy pictures of Paris stabbing his momma and he’d still never change his mind. she’s still “a good woman”. even if she pees in the back of cabs, because that’s “better than doing it in your bed”…? (is this guy for real?!) oh, and she’s “nice” because you have “much photos of her”? I could collect a lot of photos of Adolf Hitler, but that doesn’t make him nice.

    you say “you know” all this stuff about her, and yet, you don’t KNOW her personally. the stuff about London being in the UK and French being the language that Europeans speak were taken from DIRECT QUOTES from HER. and the racial slur was caught on TAPE. and the people that DO know her personally and have encountered her (the cab driver, the object of her ethnic and racial slurs, the people who’ve f-ed her, her FORMER friends) are the ones who have related these incidents. if you choose to believe what your tiny little mind tells you instead of what the reality is, you’re pretty bad off.

    oh, and here’s another flash of reality for you – people think her acting and “singing” is bad because it IS bad, not because the media says so. and it doesn’t take “talent” to model.

    typed by TF? and who translated it for you? Paris?

  21. doofus

    oh, one more thing.

    you still haven’t given me ONE thing that explains how she’s “a good woman”.

    this time, in english please.

  22. T.F.

    if she were a racist…then they wouldnt have black friends or other outlander friends…but she have… so she didnt can be a racist…
    i mean that you are pees in your bed if you are full drunken!!! not she!!!
    You make a compare of Adolf Hitler…one of the biggest war criminals in the world and the sweet woman Paris Hilton…do you know from what do you speaking… you stupid guy!!! Adolf Hitler has killed over Million jewish People…and have destroyed so many familys and the land Germany…Guy go to a psychologist and let check your brain i think its very ill and empty…or to scholl and take history lessons!!!

    And no!!! i know not all about her but what i know and think about her is enough to say that she is a good woman…
    if her former friends say that about her!!! then they are no gentlemans…and if you think i have a tiny little brain i must say no i didnt have!!! because…iam not so stupid as you and make a compare with Adolf Hitler and Paris Hilton…You are really ill in your head…

    and i translate it by myself because english is not my native language,,,,and if she wouldnt have talent to modeling…why is she doing this…do you think that people who creates clothes…give it to woman who do modeling bad? i didnt think i find she is doing this very well…better than other models…she have sex appeal…and about her singing i didnt can say anything because i didnt hear it as yet…

    and i find that she is a good woman because i like her look, her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her ears, her blond hair, i like her voice, i like her character or type…i like her body….i like her sexy look…she is appreciative…she can cook…she has good flavour of clothes…she is very
    feminine thats enough for me…

    or is it enough for you???…then I am sorry for you!!! then i think you are gay..and you didnt like nice women who have fun in her life…

    typed by TF.

  23. Cynthia

    Oh fer cryin’ out loud! Are people for real?!? This stupid Hilton moron is worshipped by people like TF simply because she is rich. Not rich by any other reason than being born into it. If the moron was suddenly thrown out on the street without a dime and had to resort to her own talents and skills to survive, she would either starve or be prostituting herself.
    Our society is so in love with money that any moron could come along and stupid people like TF are totally mesmerized. Doofus is right–she’s a racist, no-talent whore. The dumbass is so stupid (and lazy) she could not even make it through high school.
    Go read the postings on Amazon.com for her ‘books’, the postings from mostly teenage fans. It is sad. These kids look up to this skank for the same reason–she’s rich and glamorous. Nothing else matters to them. Hopefully these kids will someday grow up and get a brain with some maturity. Hopefully….

  24. doofus

    to TF.

    well, you’ve proved it.

    the votes are in and YES! you are the dumbest person in the world!

    pick up your award at the Hilton HO…oh, I mean hoTEL…in NYC. if you can find your sorry-ass way to the airport.

    no wait, scratch that. don’t ever bring your paris-worshipping english-mangling racist-loving idiot ass to my country.

  25. T.F.

    Don’t keep crying!!!
    It’s all water under the bridge now…you know what i mean??? its snow from yesterday…
    the postings doesnt intressed me…
    and what you say doesnt intressed me too…so live your life…but take history lessons…you have the brain like a kid…what the show in TV or in internet is the one side…but what true is the other…

    I think if you have a chance by Paris…you didnt would be say no…

    End of this debate!!! i like her you not…
    but never trust the media…

    typed by TF.

  26. Cynthia

    Someone tell me please, is it just coincidence that Paris worshippers are illiterate or what?

  27. Wade


    P.S. Get those damn mosquito bites taken care of.

  28. Bird

    Paris Hilton is cool

  29. Kimberly

    Thanks for making me laugh you two! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages!

    Yes – Paris is skank. But I wouldn’t mind having her money. And Cynthia, you’re right, if she lost her money today, she’d be a nobody tomorrow.

    T.F. – “Dumber than a post” means dumber than a fence post… sort of like you…

  30. Allan

    Paris is good for one thing and one thing only…making porn, every guy oin the world wished they could be that douche that done her
    Oh and Paris is also good for a laugh
    Mischa has talent shes been in heaps of movies before she was 18, Paris made a crappy TV show and sung a song that someone else was supposed to sing

  31. jaslyn

    mischa IS way more succesful than paris! mischa has been in many movies, shes the star of a tv show, she models, shes the spokesperson for both keds and neutrogena…the list goes on! the only reason paris is famous is because she a “hilton.” shes never even really DONE anything. sure, ok she did “the simple life” and all that…but no one really takes paris seriously. if you heard paris hilton was gonna be in a movie, youd be like “ha! paris hilton! im gonna go see that.” but only because you wanted to see if she was gonna look like a fool-if you heard mischa was gonna be in a movie youd wanna see it because shes a good actress and ur interested…lol well sorry about that little ranting i did right there. but seriously! mischa barton is MUCH more sucessful than paris hilton.

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