Mischa Barton & Brandon Davis Do Messy Chic

February 28th, 2005 // 13 Comments

It just amazes me how skinny she is.

(thanks to Liz for the photo)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. BJ

    she is so ugly..i dont know why people like her..and she dresses like crap..

  2. Carla

    I have to agree with the above statement. I don’t think that she is gorgeous or even beautiful. She’s okay looking. Her co-star, Summer, is a whole lot better looking than her, in my opinion.

  3. ella

    I agree with both of you guys too. The reason she is so skinny (and with her boyfriend) is because he supplies her with top-notch coke that he buys with daddy’s money

  4. saint

    if it has a face like E.T., a body like E.T., and walks like E.T., it must be E.T. in disguise of an actress with a penchance for lesbian scenes.

  5. That girl needs to go shopping…


  6. Allthesun

    She is not at all attractive, neither is he EXCEPT that I saw a photo of him with a hat on and he looked pretty good. I covet those LV shoes so much.

  7. ali

    I think she’s pretty but I hate her voice and the fact that she is keds’ spokesmodel. ha

  8. nat

    i don’t think she’s skinny at all. have you seen her “behind”?

  9. J

    well, her body’s not the best you can have… she has no ass … her voice’s cute with that sort of mix of british with ny accent and her face… well, i think she’s just beautiful. she’s gorgeous… but, well, that’s just my opinion

  10. slb

    she’s so beautiful, but Brandon?! cmon, he’s really ugly! blargh :(

    Mischa babe, u do deserve much better than that

  11. Please! Mischa is beautyful, I know that some People dont accept these beautyful actress, because she is so beautyful and the hollywood stereotype, but i mean, she has a very good figure so….shut up

  12. Allie

    Wow! You people are so critical. I thought they made such a cute couple! He has some sexy lips and she is just gorgeous!

  13. Ahmed

    She’s georgeous!
    Just tell me where I can find her, how can I get in touch with her?

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