Mischa Barton Admits to A Giant Ego

Mischa Barton, of The O.C. fame, talked about how her life as a Hollywood starlet was very conducive to inflating her ego and making more vain and self-obsessed.

Mischa said, “You play so many characters, and have to try to almost become them, that the self-absorption can take over your life. The moment you have success, people give you things, they make a fuss and try to make your life easy. And the younger you are, the worse it can become. At times I’ve thought to myself, ‘I deserve this.’ But I don’t deserve anything at all. I’m 20 for goodness sake.”

Play so many characters? Don’t you mean, you play the same one, in one form or another over and over ad nauseam?

Photos of Mischa Barton with makeup are after the jump.

Mischa Barton Admits To Being Self-Obsessed [Starpulse]

Written by Lisa Timmons