Mischa Barton And Brandon Davis Go To The Beach

June 29th, 2005 // 26 Comments

After the jump you will understand why Brandon is rarely shirtless.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. she’s such a pretty young girl. what on earth does she see in him? is it just the billions?

  2. I actually think Brandon is quite cute.
    Not every boy can have a super-flat stomach. It’s just as unfair to hold boys to those unrealistic beauty standards as it is girls. If we’re going to talk about how unhealthily skinny LLo appears to be why then poke fun at a guy whose sporting a VERY minimal belly?

  3. MIssNee

    Mischa should cover up..her body looks more disgusting then his.

  4. m

    y flesh, very good point re body image. it’s just that i never read anything about what he does for a living, he seems to live off his grandfather’s money. does he work?

  5. R

    Ewww. There’s nothing worse than a shapeless twig with a belly pouch. Why is this girl famous?

  6. m

    to m:

    he is supposedly in business “dealing art” and just graduated from University of Southern California a couple of years late.

  7. kacey

    she has no muscle tone whatsoever. she better start hitting the gym soon! can you imagine what that body will look like in 10 years??

  8. Repulsed

    Look at her butt ? Ewwww…Its another Paris Hilton / Lindsay Lohan booty…Flat and Saggy….Yuckkkkkkkk

  9. Po

    why do people with unattractive bodies insist on wearing small bikinis. wishful thinking?

  10. Mariana

    Brandon doesn’t actually have any money of his own (like soooo many other trust-fund babies) it’s all his family’s. He has a very generous allowance.

    These people are so damn morbid; just waiting for their parents to die so they can have even more. It’s kind of sick.

    Mischa looks oddly dysmorphic.

  11. /-\Alexander/-\

    Her body doesn’t seem in porportion. Anyway, I have never understood why skinny people feel they do not have to work out…it’s not about getting smaller, its about looking and feeling healthy internally and externally. She doesn’t look healthy.

  12. VB

    I think it’s really sad that people over the world are starving and the Western world refuses to eat the plentiful food we do have… How horrible…

  13. Dr. Green

    Did anyone else notice that she has the same bruises on her butt as Cameron Diaz??
    hmmm…wonder what caused that

  14. lala

    I’m soo-o proud of ms.Barton, she actually has some meat on those bones now. Last time I saw her I almost confused her for Mary Kate,
    P.S. Flesh Von Wintoor is absoulutly right.

  15. buttman

    I’ve seen those bruises before on a friend who had a deep tissue massage…maybe that’s what’s going on with mischa’s behind?

  16. zenobor

    Wow we make fun of **han because she is to skinny, now this one is too fat…maybe it’s not them but us..lol

  17. goldberry

    How many of you who are putting down Mischa’s body actually go to the gym regularly and have perfect bodies yourselves? It’s easy to criticise when we’re used to seeing images of perfect, expensively cultivated, super-star bodies but somone who looks normal (and in fact, compared to most average people is very hot) is deemed ‘disgusting’? Do you guys really look better than her? And as to being healthy, my body is very similar to hers (very skinny up top with a bum that never gets really toned) and I am very healthy and do a lot of ballet. Not everyone is perfect, but I think she is gorgeous. Good on her for not caring that people see her un-sculpted butt.

  18. diametric

    Uh.. “dr green”. Those so called ‘bruises’ are NOT bruise.. it’s called cellulite. Next time, try not to embarass yourself.

  19. ma

    I agree goldberry!

  20. MissNee

    goldberry there is not one perfect body in hollywood, i know this, but the bitch still looks gross.

  21. Sarah

    Is she picking a wedgie in that second photo?

  22. Jean Jeannie


  23. You guys stop picking on mischa. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Nobody’s perfect. And obviously she doesn’t care what other people think about her body. And for celebrities like her, not caring about what others think of your body is a big thing because in hollywood your image is everything. Everyday celebrities are faced with articles that contain pictures of them in a bikini, etc. Most celebrities know they don’t have the perfect hollywood body, so they don’t need it rubbed in their face everyday, and people wonder why they see celebrities doing dangerous diets or become anorexic. If you want to complain about something then complain about all those celebrities who do these dangerous diets just to look perfect, obviously they are the ones with the problems. And I say well done to Mischa for not following her peers like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, look at them, NOW THATS DISGUSTING. And who cares if she doesn’t go to to gym, its her choice. It’s her life.

  24. bens_gurl

    i totally agree with kate and old berry. u guys hu r saying all this stuff abou mischa should really GO TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR coz u’ll probaly find that she iz alot f**king prettier that u u umb arses

  25. heidi

    her body doesn’t look good, the bikini definitely is not good for her. you know what saggy butt means over with sex. She’s really pretty though

  26. ghgh

    okz you guys are suchhh snobs whoooo gives a fuck the fact and the matter is that your all jealous bcuz she has nice abs n all…shes just really pretty

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