Mischa Barton And Brandon Davis: A Hollywood Love Story

March 18th, 2005 // 24 Comments

Just like Bogie and Bacall.

The love story continues after the jump.

(photos via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MissNee

    I can’t believe anyone would find him attractive. I cannot stand that pouty lip thing he does. gross fatty cokehead

  2. Laurette

    He’s starting to look like his whale of an older brother.

  3. Bill

    who’s his older brother. i thought he only had two younger ones.

  4. Chavonn

    Whats up with that face she’s making? I dont know about you, but im not feeling the love between those two. well at least not from mischa.

  5. ella

    You can check out his FAT brother, Jason, at this link:


  6. elaina

    ribcages are the new black

  7. VivaPliner

    Oh my God…the ribcage!! Elaina I didnt even notice….ewwww! Almost looks like she just found out that she is pregnant. He goes from talking to the baby in the belly to shock and awe in the pool. Yeah….thats it

  8. gwendemarco

    EWWW, those aren’t swim trunks they are shorts…with a belt. Who gets in the hot tub in street shorts with A BELT? She has that “this is our last trip together before I dump your ass so let’s make it special pouty face” on. Also, she may be skinny but she has got the HUGEST hips I’ve ever seen.

  9. m

    she’s only with him to make herself seem skinnier.

  10. Nanc'

    Why does she look so miserable in EVERY ONE of these pictures?

  11. Am I hallucinating or is he really trying to eat her pussy in public?

  12. lulu

    make it stop!!!! make it stop!

  13. juju

    you wanna know why she’s so miserable? cause she can’t stop thinking about girls now.

  14. promqueen89

    This is the best view I have seen of him….usually we are subjected to his man boobs and his dumb-ass drool face.

  15. marina

    I hear that their so called ‘love’ is for show and that well she uses hime for cocaine and he uses her for publicity….

  16. Chet

    why don’t you people get a job and stop over analyzing “celebrity” pictures on the internet all day.

  17. snuffy

    Hey Chet, why don’t YOU get a job and stop telling people to stop analyzing “celebrity” photos on the internet all day. you sound like a lot of fun. NOT.

  18. ProfLily

    Funny that Chet is on this site, looking at celebrity photos and reading the comments! Oh Chet, just go back to your low paying cubicle area and keep surfing the net all day while you try to convince yourself that you matter.

  19. Raion

    I think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit….*gag* hey, in that pic where mischa’s bottoms are practically coming off….is she holding a cigarette? And in the pic before that when shes patting his face…blah…is that a cigarette container on the table? Does he or she smoke?….i was just curious….and anyway, they are the ickyest couple ever…icky icky

  20. Sara

    Brandon Davis is soooooooooooooooooo UGLY AND FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is she even with him????? And yes, she doesnt look happy at all….Also, i have a question….What about cocaine? Is she on drugs?

  21. J

    yes, they both smoke

  22. melissa

    Misha, Misha, Misha
    I just want to punch your face out and that fat boyfriend’s of you too.

  23. Booboo

    He is rich. That’s why. She is ugliest one on OC so she isn’t such a catch herself either.

  24. dddddddd

    Geez you would think being a beautiful actress, with everything going for them and on a hit TV show that a person would look a little more happy? hmm I guess fame, money, success and beauty still doesn’t buy you happiness! So what does?

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