Mischa Barton On Her Way To Getting Shitfaced

Drink it down, big momma! Here’s some snaps of Mischa Barton trying to look she’s not about to do body shots off that guy’s pin when they get back to the room. Hell, start gulping from the bottle in the lobby. What kind of rock star are you, anyway?

The guy she’s with is current boyfriend Taylor Locke. Does Tay Tay know he has a porn star name? That sounds like the star of Anal Olympics 18. I should know, I starred in 17.

He’s holding a bottle of delicious Don Julio Blanco Tequila. I assume it’s delicious. I can’t afford good tequila. You won’t see me ordering Patron and shit. I drop the rotgut stuff from behind the bar on the lowest shelf. Which is probably why I have a worm currently gestating inside of me. Which makes me wonder why I’m still pudgy.

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com