Mischa Barton Prepares For London Grand Opening Of Clothing Store ‘Mischa’s Place’ [PHOTOS]

Mischa Barton
The star walked in a bridal fashion show.
The OC actress turned fashion trendsetter and designer, Mischa Barton, is in London today preparing for the opening of her flagship clothing store Mischa’s Place. What can you find in this store – accessories, handbags and  vintage-style items. The store is located on 53 Brushfield Street in the Spatialfields sector of London.

Nine seasons after launching her first handbag collection, an official Mischa’s Place website, and merchandise sold at ASOS and Debenhams, finally Mischa has accomplished an aspiring designer’s dream- establishing a store in a fashion capital of the world. London, where else?

The star looked to be in happy spirits as she stepped onto the location and photographed doing a walk-through in the new store. Dressed in vintage, Barton wore a navy blue dress and accessorized with a maroon satchel. 

Just this weekend the last of the interior design arrangements were locked in order. ‘Sneak Peak of the downstairs with the custom Mischa Barton Brand Shelving in place!! Can’t wait to add the… http://fb.me/2j3IyxzaB 

Looks like the launch hit the ground running! With a large crowd at the opening as well as cupcakes and press, this launch celebration is a preview into the future of her store. The official twitter page of the Mischa Barton clothing brand has the following post updated earlier today,  ‘Quite the crowd at the @MischaStoreUKopening!! http://lockerz.com/s/232554375 

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