Mischa Barton Poses With Raw Meat For Tyler Shields

And apparently Mischa Barton had a great time doing it. Mischa recently posed for Tyler Shields, the photographer with the uncanny ability to take Hollywood celebrities and make them pose in the most bizarre, and sometimes even questionable, ways. Remember his photo shoot with Glee’s Heather Morris where she was all battered and bruised?

Mischa and Tyler decided to go a different route, portraying Mischa has a hungry animal. She keeps biting on a giant slab of raw meat and rubs it all over her face. She’s even being fed the meat by another lady hand, thereby heightening the eroticism of the event. Although if you ask me, raw meat is not that sexy.

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Mischa also had a fantastic time doing it. She said in a statement about the photos, “First he covered me in milk, then he rolled me around in flour and made me slap my face with a steak! No, it was amazing!” Umm, sure. I wonder if she had as much fun as Lindsay Lohan seemed to in her super violent photo shoot with Tyler?

What do you think of the photos? Artistic? Ridiculous? Degradation of women? Check them out in the gallery then leave us your thoughts. I’m just so bothered by her gnawing on raw meat, I don’t really have many other thoughts.