Mischa Barton Has A Job?

Mischa Barton was spotted out and about yesterday in Beverly Hills wearing some bright short-eralls (or lederhosen-style shorts if you will) and was wearing a mic pack and followed by a camera crew. While it’s unknown what the hell she’s doing, some are speculating that she’s working on some fly-on-the-wall type reality show.

For years the 24-year-old has been trying to return to her A-list status, but with bombed projects and rumors of drugs habits and depression it’s no wonder she’s scraping the bottom of the barrel for a return.

In addition to the rumoured reality series, she has signed on for two new films, currently in pre-production. One is titled The Science Of Cool, about a high school science experiment that goes really wrong, and the other is a horror movie, Into The Darkness. Sound like straight-to-DVD releases to me!