Miranda Kerr’s Gives Men Her Top 10 Romance Tips

Miranda Kerr laid it all out for the guys in a recent top 10 list of how to please a lady. And given the Victoria Secret model’s, uh, popularity, I’m sure it’ll be a must-read!

“In my experience, it is the random small gestures that I find the most romantic,” Kerr said, pictured at an event in Chicago yesterday. “It
could be something as simple as making me a cup of tea or being given a
foot massage while we are watching a movie at home after a long day at
work.” Sounds like her boyfriend Orlando Bloom is hitting all the right marks. Her list reads:

1. Buy the right size
2. Listen to her
3. Connect with her
4. Know what you want
5. Don’t be afraid to show her love
6. Tell she is beautiful and romance her
7. Get a babysitter
8. Be healthy
9. Pamper her
10. Treat her like a goddess

So basically, the kind of vague answers you might expect from an underwear model.