Miranda Kerr Goes Nude For ‘GQ’ Magazine

January 20th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

GQ is getting all the exclusive skin, but Miranda Kerr blows a shirtless Johnny Depp out of the water by taking it all off. (They were also the ones who had those infamous shots of Jennifer Aniston in just a tie and Britney Spears in just a top). The magazine’s fashion director said she Kerr had “no qualms about getting naked” which makes sense, because she’s a freaking Victoria Secret model.  I imagine her maybe fiance and boyfriend Orlando Bloom is okay with it since getting naked is an important part of modeling, as all those Christian girls on America’s Next Top Model learned.

Bloom, and the world, is probably pretty happy Kerr broke up with her ex-boyfriend.  She previously turned down a modeling contract because she wanted to study nutrition, but when she broke up with her ex, a guy who ended up in jail for stealing money from his finance clients, she decided why the hell not model and moved to New York. Good news for Orlanda, bad news for nutrition patients.

By Madison Ventura

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