Miranda Kerr Tweets Topless Pic Of Herself [PHOTO]

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Miranda Works Out
Miranda Kerr
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Miranda Kerr is topless

Tweeting it herself before someone else could perhaps? Or perhaps she just wants to ramp up the Twitter followers.

Miranda Kerr, 29, leaked a black-and-white photo of herself topless from a sexy beach shoot she did with fashion photographer Chris Colls. The Australian model is topless and attempts to cover her bare chest with soaking wet hair while she is standing in the ocean at the beach.

“You’re the best @chriscolls @koraorganicsbymk #purenature #freespirit,” she captioned the Instagram photo. 

The mother-of-one did not want to be banned from Instagram so she censored herself and put a black bar across her chest so it would not be removed.

Kerr was taking the pictures for own line of skin care products she is launching, Kora Organics. Kerr’s skincare line includes face creams, hand and body treatments and is made up of mostly organic ingredients.

Ah, the products are organic. So she’s topless – being one with nature.

By Michael Prieve

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