Miranda Kerr Makes The Street Her Personal Runway, Posts Yet Another Nude Photo On Instagram

A Little Racy
Miranda Kerr shows off her nipples to Terry Richardson.
Sometimes when I look at Miranda Kerr, I can’t tell if she’s shooting an advertisement or just simply heading to a business meeting.

This is one of those times.

With all of her new modeling deals, I’m really not surprised she’s dressed to impress at all times. As the face of numerous brands, she has a reputation to protect and uphold.

In addition to working for H&M, she has worked for Reebok and Swarovski. Most recently, she has been named the new face of Wonderbra.

Anyone who follows the model on Instagram knows that she loves to show off her body whether she’s in lingerie, an elegant dress, or in nothing but her birthday suit. While shooting in Switzerland, Kerr took the opportunity to show off her naked body while in a hunched over position.

Temperatures in Lake Zurich, where she was shooting, were only about five degrees Celsius around that time. That’s just 41 degrees Fahrenheit! Brr!

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