Miranda Kerr Looks Magical With Her Son Flynn After He’s Come Down With Bieber Fever [PHOTOS]

Orlando Bloom
The proud hubby watched Miranda walk the runway.
Straight off the Voctoria’s Secret runway, Miranda Kerr is already working on errands again. The model has constantly been spotted out and about in Manhattan these days in preparation for the fashion show. But you’d think that after the show was over, she’s be able to rest and relax, or let her gorgeous husband Olrando Bloom do some things in public for you.

Having said that, the forever-independent mom was spotted again in NYC, looking as stylish as ever, and this time with a 1 year old man named Flynn in her arms. Even at toddler stage, Kerr revealed that her son is quite smart. He’s constantly eager to learn to dance and sing and even likes to listen to Justin Bieber!

“”The other day we were in South Africa, I turned on the TV and Justin Bieber’s documentary was on. I said ‘Flynn! Bieber’ and he said ‘Bie-ber.’ I said ‘Bieber Fever” and he said ‘Bieber Fever’ back to me. I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kerr said about her darling son. Flynn already sounds like the cutest kid on the planet, and if the genetics of his parents are any indication, he is going to grow up to be unbelievably good-looking. Who knows, maybe he’ll become a singer like Bieber. No–BIGGER than Bieber. As a Kerr-Bloom, your possibilites are basically endless. But, for now, I think just being in his mother’s caring arms is enough.

Side note, I wonder where Orlando was. It’s unknown whether he’s filming that close to us, so maybe he’s being a temporary stay-at-home dad, as he waits to do a giant press tour for The Hobbit pretty soon.

Check out the gallery either way, to see the offspring of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom looking as adorable as ever with his mom in NYC.

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