Miranda Kerr & Her Nipples Pose For Terry Richardson, We’re A Little Creeped Out

Miranda Kerr Nude
Miranda Kerr poses naked for Harper's Bazaar.
There is no denying that Miranda Kerr is beautiful.

In fact, she’s not just beautiful, she is straight up stunning. And while she and my future husband Orlando Bloom are still confusing me with their relationship status, I generally like her. (Except for when she jumps for joy. That shit is annoying.)

And despite liking her, I just can’t get into these photos from Miranda’s visit to Terry Richardson’s studio. Maybe it’s the red make-up they’ve put around her eyes. 

Maybe it’s that she feels so comfortable getting mostly naked and bumping butts with Creepy Uncle Terry–I just don’t know. But I do know that despite all of that, Miranda’s body is simply flawless. Ugh, some people have all the luck.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Miranda’s photo shoot with Terry. While her nipples do make an appearance, they do so in a mostly SFW fashion. Do you feel the same vibes I am? Sound off in the comments!