Miranda Kerr Bikini Photos & Diet Secrets!

I can’t believe we never posted these hot photos of new mother Miranda Kerr. The Victoria’s Secret did a photo shoot in Malibu and shows off her post baby body on April 17, 2011. Kerr gave birth to son Flynn a couple months ago and she is already looking fabulous in a bikini!

So how did Miranda get her body where it is today? She revealed her diet secrets to the Daily Record.

PHOTOS: Miranda Goes Sheer At Film Screening

The model then added, “Eating healthily is a priority, not just for myself, but for my son. I’m breastfeeding so it’s really important.”

Check out all of Miranda’s diet tips by clicking the read more link below, then launch the gallery to check out Miranda’s fantastic bikini body.

1. Regular Healthy Breakfast

Miranda suggested: “I wake up in the morning and I have fresh green juice and some oatmeal and blueberries. I just make sure I’m feeling good and well fed.”

2. Right Intake of Water and Number of Hours of Sleep

Miranda reminded moms saying: “For me, it’s just about maintaining my health on a continual basis. I’m always drinking a lot of water and getting as much sleep as I can.”

3. Must Love Greens

She said: “I eat extremely healthy because when I do, I have more energy. I love spinach, avocado, lots of greens and broccoli.”

4. Do the Yoga

She said: “I have a regular yoga routine I practice and that’s the one thing that really keeps me grounded and on top of that I do have a trainer as well, but to be honest with you, I can be a little lazy when it comes to that because I’m working so hard.”

5. Don’t Deprive Yourself and Eat ‘Indulgent” too, sometimes.

She said: “I’m pretty much 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent indulgent, because I don’t believe in depriving yourself,” emphasizing that ‘nobody can be perfect all the time’.

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