Miranda Kerr As Wonder Woman For ‘Grazia’ Australia [VIDEO]

Miranda Kerr
Kerr went nude for 'Industrie' magazine.
Orlando Bloom
The proud hubby watched Miranda Kerr walk the runway.
Miranda Kerr
The Victoria's Secret model at a viewing party.
Holding up a flag of her native country and looking gorgeous in a Wonder Woman costume by Alex Perry, Miranda Kerr posed for a special collector’s edition of Grazia Australia

The mag’s fashion director, Thelma McQuillan looked forward to this particular cover.   “I was excited about it,” McQuillan said, “but I hadn’t previously told Miranda about the outfit, so I wasn’t sure what she’d think. But she took one look at it and broke into a big smile. It’s my favourite shoot yet.”

“We’re a fashion magazine – and this is art,” McQuillan added. “We’re taking a risk – because Wonder Woman is a globally recognised icon and not just anyone could pull it off. But Miranda is an Australian icon herself. She’s the star who, time and time again, our readers say they most admire; a businesswoman, a wife, a mum. She is our wonder woman. And she has the presence to pull this recreation off.”

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