Minnie Driver Didn’t Like Her Experience On American Television

I miss The Riches. It was a great little show on FX that Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver did and apparently she hated it.

When the show was canceled, she said she felt really disillusioned with television and that she “didn’t want to do television ever again. It was shocking the way in which it was dealt with,” she added.

Probably didn’t help that FX reps would visit the set and tell her to unbutton her shirt more so they could see more boob on screen.

She compares television executives to officials “working for a Japanese conglomerate that has nothing to do with anything creative”.

She adds in the Radio Times that television “is much more micro-managed in the US.”

That’s sad. I really enjoyed her on TV...check out pics of her at the premiere of The A-Team earlier this year!