Minnie Driver Finally Reveals Her Baby Daddy…Sort Of

Minnie Driver Acting Strange At LAX
Minnie Driver scares patrons at LAX
Back in 2008, SOCIALITE LIFE broke the news to its readers that actress Minnie Driver was preggers with her son, Henry. At the time, she was hush hush about who fathered the child but it seems like she’s finally comfortable to share the identity with her fans, kinda. 

While chatting it up about her new British indie movie ‘Hunky Dory’ with Observer Magazine, the topic of Henry’s father came about.  Minnie quickly explained she and the person ‘weren’t together and he wasn’t directly in the business’ so she chose to protect him by revealing his identity.

How was this considered the big reveal if she didn’t even mention a name, you ask? It seems that the Observer took liberties in the interview with some details that came to light that inferred the person Driver was talking about was a writer on her former show The Riches.  The Brit actress did not like what the mag had to say and took to her Twitter,

I love how one is deemed ‘incredibly secretive’ if you don’t share personal info with the press. I have to say, it is cruel and unusual to have @observermagazine source the ‘truth’ about my past from the archives of The Daily Mail.”

Looks like the Observer has lost a fan out of Ms. Driver.  That’s no good.  The mommy of 1 was last spotted with Henry at Coogies restaurant in Malibu, CA spending quality time with her father Ronnie.