Minka Kelly Picks Up After Her Dog, Still Not Dating Wilmer Valderrama [PHOTOS]

Minka's Sexiest Looks
Minka Kelly's sexiest looks of 2011.
Not only is Minka Kelly super hot, she’s a good human being. Minka was spotted out and about in LA, first picking up food supplies before taking her adorable dog for a walk. But what makes her a good person? Minka made sure to pick up after her pooch. What a gal. Now we won’t get any Minka’s dog’s poop on the sidewalk!

Also, looks like Minka is still not dating Wilmer Valderrama. She said as much a few days ago, but personally I was hoping it was just a cover-up. I’d like to see her happy with someone other than Derek Jeter. Plus, Wilmer seems to be that perfect “in-between” guy. He’s with the girl just before she explodes. Either becoming more famous or more insane. For Minka, I’m hoping famous. 

What do you think, should they try to make it work or should we find Minka someone new? Let’s throw out names shall we: Ryan Gosling–taken but who cares, Matt Smith–if she’s into Brits, Zac Efron–if she wants a younger dude: the possibilities are endless. Check out the gallery then tell us who you think she would be cute with in the comments!