Mimi Rogers Is A Little Tom Cruise Sensitive

That’s what you get for marrying a freak. It would be annoying to have most every interview focus on your ex-husband (hehe). Let’s get some more dirt on Tom’s celibacy.

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife isn’t happy with the media. Mimi Rogers abruptly cancelled a publicity tour in the U.K. after a Brit paper ran an interview with her that focused largely on Cruise and his romance with Katie Holmes. “Mimi is in England, participating in the World Poker Exchange, and she granted an interview, and they make it mostly about Tom,” says an insider. “And she wasn’t terribly happy with the pictures they used, either.”

Rogers cancelled a series of subsequent interviews, including a television appearance that she was scheduled to give live on Wednesday morning. “Her people pulled out Tuesday evening, leaving the producers high and dry,” says the source. “They were pretty upset.”

So was it the photos or Tom? Mmm. When will the press learn that you mustn’t piss off a Scientologist.

Don’t ask Cruise’s ex about Katie [Scoop]