Milo Ventimigila Made Out With Fergie and Enjoyed It

Milo Ventimiglia seems to be enjoying his visit to the other side of the pond where he has been promoting the premiere of the second season of ‘Heroes.’

The people of London are huge fans of the show, and Milo was on hand to accept a BAFTA award for the series. They still seem excited for the follow-up season, which has me believing they could not hear the loud cries of disappointment from the U.S.

As for the egos on the show, Milo says they’re all in check.

‘I think as long as we remind each other that we’re all in it together, and it is a group effort, and not one of us is more important than the other, then hopefully the working situation will be as successful as the show.’

Milo also explained his venture into music videos, after his tattooed drug dealer role in Fergie’s ‘Big GIrls Don’t Cry.’

‘Who wouldn’t want to sit around wearing tattoos making out with Fergie?’ he said.

My opinion of Milo just dropped about 10 points.

I don’t care if it’s acting. I can’t believe Hayden Panettiere still comes around you after contaminating your smacker like that.


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