Milo Ventimiglia & His Muscles Enjoy A Casual Lunch In Los Angeles

Milo Is Shirtless & Bloody
Milo Ventimiglia isn't looking so great.
Milo Ventimiglia! Where have you been hiding all this time?

The super sessy actor was spotted in Los Angeles today grabbing lunch with a friend and showing off his manly muscles. Look at how tight the arms of that shirt are. Bravo, Milo.

We haven’t heard much from the actor recently, but according to his IMDb, he has been very busy. Like, did you know he was in Grown Ups 2

I did not. Not that that would have made me see Grown Ups 2, but I think it’s interesting. I’m excited to see him in Grace Of Monaco with Nicole Kidman. But I’m most excited to see him in the Gilmore Girls reunion. That’s happening in my head. And he ends up with Rory at the end.

Man I miss Gilmore Girls. Anyhoo, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Milo being handsome in Los Angeles. Are you enjoying him seeing him around as much as I am? Leave us your love in the comments!