Milo Ventimiglia & His Beard Hop On His Motorcycle After A Day Of Shopping

Milo Is Shirtless & Bloody
Milo Ventimiglia isn't looking so great.
Did you need some Milo Ventimiglia in your day? Of course you did.

So we are here to provide with exactly what you need. Milo was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday, doing some shopping at James Perse in West Hollywood. I wonder if he bought any of their ridiculously soft shirts.

Also, I am really digging this beard he’s got going on. Not that he’s not hot clean-shaven, but oh my gawd the beard. Do you think it’s for his new TV role? 

Milo is currently in pre-production on the TV movie, The Visitors. It’s about aliens using children and it sounds intense. Wow, Milo has got a lot of stuff going on soon. Bravo. (Although none of what he’s working on is the Gilmore Girls reunion my soul needs.)

Yay for more Milo on the big and small screen! But until we see him there, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Milo being hot in LA. This man brings me joy.