Milo Was Sweating Hayden Before She Was Single

Photo: Ramey Photo

What two things does Hayden Panettiere like doing most of all? Hanging out with her boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia and going to the gym. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming by the proliferation of paparazzi photos of her doing both activities. And now, the juicy details of their months-long secret relationship are emerging and sick individuals like myself are poring over them. As it turns out, it was Milo who made the first move after Hayden’s split from Stephen Colletti. A source revealed to Us Weekly, “He always had a crush, but really let her know the minute she broke up with Stephen.” I guess Milo wasn’t too worried about the possibility of simply being a rebound, but then again, he’s probably also seen these pictures and probably wouldn’t really mind it all that much.