Miley Cyrus to Mentor American Idols

The student becomes the teacher, master… well, not exactly. Miley Cyrus has been a Disney superstar since the age of nine. Now at the grown-up, “deeper than normal people”, age of 17, Cyrus is set to mentor the 11 American Idol contestants from the ninth season this Tuesday.

The contestants competing for the American Idol title will sing Billboard No. 1 hits-themed songs, according to Us Weekly. On Wednesday, Cyrus will perform “When I Look at You” from her upcoming film, The Last Song, where she met her new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. I wonder if he’s why she’s was all giggles talking with “Good Morning, America” yesterday.

Disney will be packing bubble gum singers into Wednesday night. Recently confirmed couple, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, will also be performing their duet, “Make a Wave” before an idol contestant is given the boot.