Miley Cyrus Skanks It Up Onstage Once Again

Miley Cyrus is giving me some serious Britney Spears flashbacks (and flash forwards…uh oh)! The tween queen’s performances are getting raunchier by the day! After a controversial performance in which it appeared the 17-year-old kissed a female dancer (which was full of stripper dancing, regardless of the kiss), Miley did a repeat performance…with upgrades! She performed at London’s G-A-Y club last night, where scandalous performances are expected. And Miley didn’t disappoint, y’all!

The teenager was practically half-naked, wearing a cut-out dress that put her panties front and center stage along with some seriously skanky Alexander Wang booties. Hey, isn’t that the dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman?! Fredericks of Hollywood take note! You could really start looking to Miley for some promotion, considering her wardrobe pretty much consists of corsets and booty shorts.

Miley also sounded pretty shiteous as usual without her precious autotune, given that she thrashes her vocal chords on a regular basis. Is the pop superstar perhaps acting out because she’s trying to send someone a message?

Miley had this to say in a recent interview: “‘I’m really proud of what I’ve done.” I hope your parents are too!