Miley Cyrus Owns Her Crappy Voice!

June 18th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Miley Cyrus sat down with David Letterman last night to promote her album Can’t Be Tamed, which comes out next week and discussed Twitter (but not her Twat), maturing too quickly and lip-syncing in concert. You can watch the video after the jump but here are my notes:

- Her lucky bracelet was, indeed, found. Delete that Craiglist post for “Missing lucky bracelet.”

- Her pronunciation of “MACDonald’s” is adorable and nearly retarded.

- Is there a Bump-It in her hair?

- At least she’s singing live. Really, at least? Is it too much to ask of a pop star to sing live AND have a decent voice? Oh, the good old days…

All in all, Miley is pretty down to Earth and a decent gal. That’s commendable that she hasn’t gone crazy yet. Check out pics of her with sex-slave/boy-toy Liam Hemsworth and mom Tish outside Letterman’s studios.

By Justin Thompson

  1. t-man

    when they showed the cover to the album, it was soooo trying to channel britney.
    is it just me or is miley’s outfit isn’t age appropriate in the wrong way this time? instead of looking like a slut, she looks like a nan with that shawl.
    best part of the interview is how much dave couldn’t give a shit.
    i thought her performance was pretty damn good. i might have to secretly look into this new album, then later deny any knowledge of said album.

  2. Jennifer B

    She sucks. Save your money. Hopefully she will go away SOON!

  3. t-man

    just listened to the new CD. i think it’s fantastic! about to trade in my played out gaga mp3z for some miley steez.

    • Justin Thompson

      The uptempo tracks aren’t bad, but they all sounded the same to me. The ballads were a snoozefest.

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