Miley Cyrus Only Cares What Her Mom Thinks

Not the barometer I would have picked.

I find it strange when celebrities choose to take criticism from the media as merely random negativity, instead of an accurate mirror of how a society at large feels about a 17-year-old girl shaking her scantily-clad tits on stage in front of their impressionable children.  Am I alone?

Miley Cyrus defends her recent media attention regarding her commercial bombardment of oversexualized images of youth by saying that she would stop what she was doing if she didn’t still make her mother proud.

“It’s just kind of a sad thing to think about people and how they are. I never really let it affect me. My mom is at the side of that stage and if I ever felt I was disappointing her or not making her proud, I would not do the things I do, but she’s proud of me every time.”

Get bent, society!  Hannah Montana can objectify herself as much as she wants!  And Disney can’t say shit!

“I’m very open about being my own person. Disney Channel is a huge group and I’m very lucky to have worked with them.  But again like I don’t care how big a company is. You can’t say, ‘You can’t do this’ or ‘You have to do that,’ because then I’m not an artist. Then you’re a robot. That’s not who I am.”

Ah, rebellious youth.  Didn’t we all go through that ‘piss off Disney, make out with backup dancers, dance around in a glorified bikini in front of a crowd of millions, date men a decade our senior’ phase?  Been there, done that!

When you’re done reminiscing, take a look at these completely mundane pictures of Miley and her proud mom Tish Cyrus walking to a medical building in Hollywood yesterday.  Yes, you can see her bra, and yes, I’ve stopped caring (side bar: if I ever dressed like that with my mom, my accessory would be a black eye.)  Hey, at least she took out those ratty extensions!  Vast improvement!