Miley Cyrus Likes Spontaneous Men

Miley Cyrus reveals a little about herself and her taste in men.  “I like spontaneous men, guys who go with the flow, appreciate the outdoors,” says the wise 17 year old, who is currently dating Aussie, Liam Hensworth.  In another life she might have planned her own wedding to that type of man.

“My dream job was to become a wedding planner. I like the idea of putting a great event together.” Unfortunately the pop star might have had a problem with organizing when she’s not a schedule kind of gal. “I’m terrible with time schedules.  I don’t even have a watch.”  

And don’t try and woo this pop tart over a romantic dinner. “I’m not the kind of person who gets all warm and fuzzy over a candlelight dinner – that’s a little too mushy for my taste.” She’s more of a simple girl who likes a simple pole.

Miley Cyrus enjoyed the outdoors yesterday with her new pooch and gangsta papa Billy Ray Cyrus with a walk at Toluca Lake in Los Angeles, Ca.