Miley Cyrus Kind Of Apologizes to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

July 28th, 2008 // 16 Comments

After a YouTube video surfaced last week showing Miley Cyrus and her bff Mandy Jiroux blatantly making fun of fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato I expected the usual, “I’m sorry. I’m a teenager and I make mistakes,” speech from Miley.

But this is what we got.

Just a rushed, “If we offended them we’re super-sorry,” and some quote from Elvis that is supposed to make everything okay.

Somehow Miley tries to turn it around to say she was promoting Selena and Demi’s YouTube account. Please.

She was probably too caught up in an even more recent scandal to focus on some little video.

To quote Bye Bye Birdie‘s Elvis imitator Conrad Birdie, “You gotta be sincere!”

By Intern Traci

  1. Paige

    While I am NOT a Miley fan, she doesn’t need to apologize at all. Miley and her friend were actually LESS annoying in that video than the two other girls. Demi and Selena were acting beyond retarded, even for teenage girls. They were practically begging to be made fun of.

  2. Sarah

    Ok….Miss Miley needs to take some of the ding danged ole’ money she done earned and git herself some NEW TEETH!!!!! BRACES ! SOMETHING! PULL SOME OUT! VENEERS! FIX THAT GRILL!

  3. beelzebub

    Geez can this b*tch’s 15 minutes be up already?

  4. T-Bone

    What’s in Miley’s future, I wonder…??? Will she keep it together and live a good, healthy life, or will she lose it? THAT’S the question.

  5. Logan

    Goodness! Enough already. This chick needs to get the fuck laid, and soon! She can’t calm down even for one second.

  6. Suz

    Really, could she be any more obnoxious or self important?

  7. Jonathan

    “I’m sorry. I’m a teenager and I make mistakes”
    girl, GROW UP
    that can’t be an excuse, so lying.
    telling the press you were just having fun, didn’t mean to mock them.
    Laughing about a gap in someone’s teeth, I CALL THAT MOCKING!
    dude she needs to stop trying to save her career.
    she could be a next Jaimie Spears for all we care

  8. Marco

    people who put “teenagers make mistakes”
    dude, it’s not a mistake if you INTENTIONALLY do it
    am i right?
    i BET a MILLION DOLLARS that Miley intentionally mocked them, but to the press said she didnt.

  9. dirk martrin

    miley is just mad becuz selena has nick. i wont blame nick either.he made the right choice

  10. elementjazzy

    Miley…Who are you trying to fool?! You’re jealous of Selena just admit it! Its not her fault that you’re losing fans & she’s gaining them.Maybe if you weren’t 2 busy taking off you clothes & tryin so hard to get attention you’d be as good as her, & FYI…you suck at singing. Especially live. Demi has a way better voice!

  11. demi_selena_miley_fan

    ok im a fan of miley and selena and demi so give miley a break shes doing the best that she can and miley didnt mock demi and selena it wasnt even her idea so give miley a break

  12. selena

    miley doesnt need to apoligize she needs to get a f**kin like and stop being jeoulis and coping people

  13. hypa

    i’ve always known that ders something fishy abwt mley….how could she done that, specially to her co-disney stars……..tip: if u mock them make sure no one knows….

  14. caitlin

    Oh my gosh Miley ,I’m a teenager and I make mistakes ! give me a break ! Just say you’re jealous of her ! A lot of people know you already
    are !

  15. Sarah v.

    So, yea….It takes a real gurl too appologize to somebody and teasings not that fun. Have fun and enjoy your teenage life also, It’s your life…slcv

  16. chris Richardson

    miley,apoligize to demi and to selena they did not do anything to you.

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