Miley Cyrus’ Junk Is Toxic

And by junk I mean the jewelry she sells at Walmart. That’s the only thing of Miley’s that’s been tested so far.

The AP noted that in a nationwide test on cadmium in jewelry, several items from Miley Cyrus’ line for Walmart contain unsafe levels of the cadmium, a known carcinogen. They don’t know the effects of wearing the unsafe metal, but they know that if the jewelry is “sucked, bitten or swallowed” it can be very dangerous.

Walmart released a statement, saying the jewelry was “designed for and marketed to older audiences” and was “not intended for children”. Funny, I can’t recall the last time someone over four rocked a Miley t-shirt. Hopefully her young fans aren’t too impressionable, and weren’t just putting things in their mouths.

Miley, who went for a smoothie after her Dancing With The Stars performance on Tuesday (May 18), probably doesn’t have a clue what’s in her jewelry, but Walmart knew about the high levels of cadmium back in February. Surprise, surprise they did nothing though, until the report was exposed and are now pulling the jewelry as they “investigate”.

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