Miley Cyrus Gets Wet With Liam Hemsworth

Newly single Miley Cyrus is enjoying her status as a free woman by engaging in some on-set kissing action with Liam Hemsworth.

But before Miley’s exes Justin Gaston and Nick Jonas can get too riled up, it should be noted that this PDA took place on the set of Liam and Miley’s film together, The Last Song, on the beach at Tybee Island.

Locals in Savannah have been having trouble catching glimpses of the tween star during her stay in town for production, what with security keeping the pop star closely guarded. But not close enough to keep us from catching these little glimpses of young, on-set puppy love.

Gallery Info: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth kissing on the set of The Last Song in Savannah, Georgia.