Miley Cyrus Gets “Sexy” In Her New Video

Jumping on the raunchy music video train, Miley Cyrus premiered her new video “Can’t Be Tamed” on E! yesterday. This is the 17 year-old’s attempt at being sexy.

Is the sexy Miley working? Should we be thanking Christina, Beyonce and Lady Gaga for their influence on Miley’s young mind?

Miley Cyrus pictured  below stomping around L.A. on May 1st shared that her boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth “really liked” the video and “didn’t stay on set very long because there [were] like 20 hot girl dancers”.

She said, “You [Liam] can leave now. You can watch the video when it’s all about me.” Looks like the sweet and down to earth Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart combo is no more.


Watch the video after the jump.