Miley Cyrus Gets New Weave & Closer To Heaven

With every new strand of hair that inflates her do, Miley Cyrus gets herself one step closer to the Pearly Gates. At least, that’s what you’d believe if you follow the teachings of her straight-iron-wielding father Billy Ray Cyrus.

So filled with the Holy Spirit was she that Miley couldn’t help but shake her booty. The Disney star showed off her favorite moves for the club inside the salon. I hope they kept a defibrillator nearby for when Grandma clutched the pearls at the sight of her baby girl wiggling her butt cheeks at the rate of a jackhammer tearing up pieces of the sidewalk.

Girl, you’re gonna ride that hair all the way up the pole to Jesus himself.

Gallery Info: Miley Cyrus
visits the Borelli/B2V Salon in Hollywood.