Miley Cyrus Defends Her Cuddles With Daddy Billy Ray Cyrus

February 23rd, 2009 // 6 Comments

Did you know Miley Cyrus wrote a book? Yeah, apparently, it’s a memoir chronicling her 16-year-old life. It’s called Miles to Go and in it, the Hannah Montana star defends the nature of her relationship with her country-singing father Billy Ray Cyrus.

“The media has said some stuff about my dad and me being too close and
too cuddly for a father and a daughter. For me and my dad it’s not
weird at all,” Miley writes. Or at least her biographer does.

The incident that really raised eyebrows was the Vanity Fair photoshoot that featured pictures of Miley and her dad in what many interpreted to be uncomfortably suggestive poses. In response, Miley claims that “we don’t let other people tell us what expressions we’re supposed to have on our faces when we take a picture together!”

Someone should just leave these two alone so they can play with each other’s hair in peace!

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. willy

    Nothing wrong with the relationship that Miley has with her dad…people are probably just jealous cuz she’s so popular and successful yet still seems like the girl next door.

  2. RayRay

    Heck, I’d even cuddle with her father.

  3. Cathy kertains

    owell she sucks anyway is she a lezo maybe she is people say she went to far

  4. Anonymous

    owell thats alright i have hugged my dad so get overit

  5. Anonymous

    she is a cocksucker i am better than her and pretter she can’t even getany ha ha what a bitch

  6. ButtMunch

    Every time I see this hag I just gag at how fucking ugly she is. I think her mother must have drank, heavily, when she was preggers with this greasy, dirty, turdlet.

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