Miley Cyrus Ain’t Need No College

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus are in Mexico on their honeymoon vacation frolicking on the beach, with Miley in a little red bikini. Hope she didn’t forget her beer bong, because this is the only spring break in Miley’s future.

“My sister went to MTSU in Nashville, so I’d probably want to be there with all my friends,” Cyrus told Q100’s Bert Show Monday morning, (May 24). “I’m not gonna go to college right now.” And why should she? She’s got money in the bank and dreams in her head. And really, thinking and stuff isn’t her cup of tea.

Like thinking about avoiding death by Bieber fans before saying thins like “I have my travel-size boyfriend [Justin Bieber] and I have my oversized security boyfriend [Liam Hemsworth].”

Although she would probably be better at BSing last minute papers than I was. When she addressed the controversy of her Can’t Be Tamed video she said “My song is clearly about breaking free and being out of a cage and being able to be truly who you are,” she says, which sounds much better than I wanted to do a slutty Britney Spears rip off video.

So shed a tear frat houses and single beds of Community College of (fill in the blank) for one less lap dancing freshman. But stay tuned for future regretful internet videos.