Miley Cyrus Shows Her Bra For Jesus

The star of Hannah Montana seems to have another persona up her sleeve, and that would be the one of a precocious teen who likes to take sultry pictures with her little boyfriend while making bedroom eyes at the camera.

The 15-year-old is pushing her squeaky clean image pretty hard, stressing how important her relationship with her father and of course, Jesus, is in her life, but these random pictures of her partying with friends seem to keep turning up here and there. In these photos, Miley is getting all cozy with her little guy friend, who appears to be quite hot and bothered. His facial expression says it all, along with the hand in the photos whose location isn’t immediately apparent.

I’m not saying that Miley’s not a good kid, but I think we all remember what happened the last time someone tried to shove a virginal pop star down our throats.